Empower your network


Continuity allows your customers to no longer experience network disruptions, allowing you to proactively intervene when problems arise.

Everything under control.

Choose your Master WAN and let us do the magic.

Meet Ephest Guardian !

Guardian continuously monitors your WANs latency, seeking to stability issues and shifting Internet traffic to backup connectivity, preventing your customer from experiencing Internet disruption, without your intervention.

Included in Continuity, a number of tools so that you can perpetually monitor the healt of individual connectivity.

Each Continuity includes a static public IP address dedicated only to you.

You can use it to NAT business services on the Internet.

If you need more public IP addresses, just ask!

DNAT, SNAT and Bypass, all in one platform.

Need to interconnect multiple locations?

Just add router and sync the mesh, let us do the magic!

Check traffic between locations directly from the graph in the platform.

One more thing.

Managing ACLs on a multi-location context, ensuring their proper functioning, keep everything up to date, is hell.  

We know.

That’s why we created the simplest ZTNA ever.

Create the rules and watch how they impact your networks right away.

Remote access is included!

Remote users also benefit from the ZTNA rules.

Start now! It takes less than 2 minutes!