Empower your network


Control allows to remotely manage, configure and maintain your router fleet, receive alerts in case problems arise, allowing you to work proactively.


Continuity allows to:

  • Have no more connectivity disruptions using multiple connections

  • Keep sessions alive in case of a WAN fail

  • Mantain the dedicated static public IP in case of a WAN fail

  • Being able to access the rest of the Ephest services

Secondary Content

Everything, just a click away.

Simple and effective.

Stop reacting Be proactive!

Problems must be anticipated and prevented by performing predictive and continuous monitoring activities.

Ephest’ll notify events or disruptions on your customer’s router, so your team can take remediation even before he can complain.

Receive alerts via Telegram, Mail or WebHooks, whichever you prefer!

Stop wasting time with a thousand VPNs and rules to access your routers.
With Ephest, connecting to your routers has never been easier.

Enable your team easy and secure access to your router fleet, even via GUI.


Auto-Troubleshooting: Discover problems is a matter of seconds!

Power is nothing without Control.

When volumes grow, it’s crucial that nothing is left to chance.

Did a router break or someone make incorrect changes?

Only backup with changes will be saved. And you can diff them in the platform!

Who did what to whom?

Any action performed by your users within your tenant is logged and auditable, whenever you want.

But, who can do what?

Create unlimited roles with extremely granular access for your users as needed.

Network automation made easy.

Ephest template, the fastest way to network automation!

Run your templates with variables on as many routers as you like!