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Pricing scheme

It is not yet possible to purchase Ephest, try the platform for free in the meantime!


Ephest Cloud: 49 coin/month/router

On-premise: 29 coin/month/router*


Ephest Cloud: 1499 coin/month/router

On-premise: 799 coin/month/router*


Coming soon!

* On-premise solutions are subjected to initial setup costs, contact us to learn more.

Buy coins on the platform that will be loaded into your wallet, use the coin to pay monthly for Ephest services.

EMEA -> 100 coin = 1 € + VAT

N. AMERICA -> 100 coin = 1,5 USD $ + VAT

Recommend Ephest to someone with your referral link to earn 20% of what your referrals spend on the platform.

Use referral credits to buy Ephest services or withdraw them via wire-transfer.